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Nau mai haere mai ! Welcome to Aroha Nui Yoga! ​

Ko Te Arawa te waka, Ko Linsey Smith toku ingoa.

My name is Linsey Smith, I am the founder of Aroha Nui Yoga.

I have been teaching yoga for more than twenty years, and am known for my intuitive approach, passion for yoga, and Te Ao Māori, and inspirational teaching style that embodies physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing.

My culture and language often weave gently through the teachings, I honour and respect the whakapapa and roots of both cultures to create a unique approach and experience like no other.

I encourage students to practice yoga to maintain a healthy Mauri/ Life force, Tinana / Body, Hinengaro/ Mind and Wairua/ Spirit.

Practising within a community creates  and maintains healthy relationships, and enhances all other relationships beyond the yoga community. When we are happy and healthy- everyone else benefits too. 

With the health and balance of all these aspects of our selves, our lives are enriched beyond measure.

The teachings of yoga increase your resilience and give you tools to manage stress, and the ups and downs of life, with grace.

I have been teaching since 2000, having trained and certified in; 

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced teaching with Ashram Yoga NZ
  • Pre-Natal Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation)
  • Meditation
  • Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga with Judith Hanson- Lasater Phd. Pt.

I have also;

  • Trained with IYTA NZ, Yoga Teaching Certificate 2000
  • attended meditation and goddess retreats with Sally Kempton in the USA
  • taken workshops with renown teachers such as Shiva Rea and Gary Kraftsov at the Yoga Journal Conference 2015, and many more amazing teachers in New Zealand, Australia and The United States.

I am a Māmā to four beautiful children, and one gorgeous mokopuna (grandchild) and spent 19 years running my fashion store and my yoga businesses in Auckland, Aotearoa- New Zealand.

Recently, I closed my retail business of 19 years to focus solely on teaching yoga, and developing in person and online retreats and courses so that more people can receive the benefits of yoga wherever they may be. 

I have a goal to teach yoga and meditation in Te Reo Māori and have been on that path for several years, recently featuring in an online tv show Harakore, teaching three amazing young wāhine toa!

I am also currently on a learning journey of the natural healing practices of my ancestors-  Mirimiri (massage/ bodywork) and Rongoā (traditional plant medicine) and Te Reo Māori ( the Māori language) and the art of Karanga (ceremonial/ ritual call and healing art form of my ancestors)

I weave ancient practices and knowledge from my ancestors with modern and ancient concepts/practices of yoga. I teach authentic yoga - often infused with te reo māori.

I keep it simple and easy to follow.

I believe in staying up to date with new knowledge while respecting and honouring the traditional roots of yoga. In creating a safe and welcoming environment, and encouraging my students to explore their 'edge' in yoga.

My classes are; friendly, aim to be accessible, fun, strengthening and deeply relaxing.

I enjoy teaching people from all walks of life and love to see students deepen their understanding and practice of yoga,  meditation and themselves through the classes, retreats and practices.

I am passionate about helping people to become stronger, more centred, relaxed, and connected to their true essence,  and to look after their own wellbeing with yoga, deep relaxation, meditation and deep inner work practices.

I believe that Aroha Nui Yoga is a great addition to your 'Kete Hauora' - wellness / healthy lifestyle tool kit.

I lead you through classes that promote strength, nervous system resilience, keep the body supple, look after your joints and end with a guided deep relaxation - to let go of tension, relieve stress, and unlock your energy.

Leaving you feeling relaxed, grounded, and renewed.

Aroha Nui Yoga means - 

Aro- to direct

Ha-  the breath / one's essence

Nui- abundant, vast, plentiful, important

Yoga - Union, unity, oneness, to yoke or join.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Aroha Nui,

Linsey x


P.S I also offer Private classes and retreats by design - workplace or hui yoga -  contact me by email to discuss at - [email protected] 


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